Apla takes part in Dubai Future Smart Cities Show

Apla Head of Digital Transformation, Nick Syusko, was a panelist alongside representatives from PWC, Dutch Blockchain Coalition and Dubai Freezone, amongst others.

Apla is currently in Dubai, participating in the Future Cities show. We sent our Head of Digital Transformation to participate in an esteemed panel of invitees, including representatives from Dubai’s Free Zone, PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Dutch Blockchain Coalition.

The panel discussed the latest achievements in bringing about the realisation of smart cities across the globe and how blockchain can play a role in the data management of such systems.

Moreover, the panelists detailed the legislative changes needed for blockchain to be implemented, with Apla’s Nick Syusko noting that “if there is no need for legislative changes — whether they be normative inside a business or a state system — there is positively no need to implement blockchain.” Here, the panelists also took note of the need to introduce human logic to smart contract application in governmental systems, leading to discussions about Apla’s concept of Smart Laws.

Apla’s Head of Digital Transformation, Nick Syusko (second from left), explains the Smart Law concept

The Future Cities Show guests also brought the audience’s attention to the fact that blockchain-based technology for government should and can only be integrated by starting from the very basics: creating a digital identity for every citizen. Furthermore, its measure of success also ends with citizens, since the real value of blockchain is expressed through citizen satisfaction with the services based on the technology.

The event was a chance for Apla to showcase some of its latest developments and meet with more interested parties, following big demand from African and Middle Eastern governments. Apla’s use cases for the tech vary from e-government systems that manage police data, to land registries and much more.

We will soon announce cooperation with a new government. Keep updated!

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