Brief report of the eGaaS team

January 22, 2017 — January 29, 2017

Software applications of the eGaaS platform

Application for conducting polls

Design and functionality of the mobile app for conducting polls for the Dutch Party StemNL were substantially improved.

  1. Position of the controls on the polling page was secured.
  1. Ability of user voting from the list of questions and reflection of the results of their voting were added;
  1. Ability to change one’s mind before the poll expiration was added.
  2. Following functions were added for the administrator
  • deleting users
  • viewing the preliminary results before the poll expiration.

Software platform and language of the smart contracts

Language of the smart contracts and the interface description

  1. Basic functionality to calculate the cost of the smart contracts execution was developed:
  • calculation of the cost of execution of built-in functions and transactions;
  • determination of F (Fuel) rate to EGS;
  • function of the control of adequacy of user funds for execution of the contract.
  1. Functional of the private key encryption in the process of adding users to the platform was introduced. Logon script in the case of clickthrough with the encrypted private key was added.
  2. Functions to receive arrays in the interface and use them for representation of data in tables were added.
  3. Several bugs were fixed.

Platform design and interface

  1. Anchors for scrolling through long pages (tables) to the target position were added.
  2. Menu system was improved.
  3. A number of classes for configuration of the interface on mobile devices were added
  • Expanding the block from top to bottom;
  • Hiding the blocks’ background.