Brief report of the eGaaS team

January 29, 2017 — February 6, 2017

Software applications of the eGaaS platform

Survey application

The functionality of the survey mobile application for the StemNL Dutch party was improved:

  1. The new survey type was added: obtaining deployed text answers to questions

Application for employment

1. The test application for the job search and the staff employment was developed with the following functionality:

  • Filing an application by a citizen for job search;
  • Filling an application by a company for job vacancies;
  • Company’s approval and rejection of applications relevant to job vacancies;
  • Signing of a labor smart-contract between the company and employee for the sales percentage deduction as a reward;
  • Implementation of labor smart-contract performance upon the sale contract callback.

Software platform and language of the smart contracts

Language of the smart contracts and the interface description

1. There was completed the preparation of documentation of the eGaaS platform programming language that includes:

  • 75 functions of the interface elements description language
  • the required set of variable types and language constructs for smart-contracts writing
  • 33 functions of language for smart-contracts writing:
1. AddressToID(input string) int
2. CallContract(name string, params map)
3. ContractAccess(name string) bool
4. DBAmount(tblname string, column string, id int) money
5. DBGetList(tblname string, name string, offset int, limit int, order string, where string, params ...) array
6. DBGetTable(tblname string, columns string, offset int, limit int, order string, where string, params ...) array
7. DBInsert(tblname string, params string, val ...) int
8. DBInt(tblname string, name string, id int) int
9. DBIntExt(tblname string, name string, val (int|string), idname string) int
10. DBIntWhere(tblname string, name string, where string, params ...) int
11. DBString(tblname string, name string, id int) string
12. DBStringExt(tblname string, name string, val (int|string), idname string) string
13. DBStringWhere(tblname string, name string, where string, params ...) string
14. DBTransfer(tblname, columns string, idFrom int, idTo int, amount money)
15. DBUpdate(tblname string, id int, params string, val...)
16. DBUpdateWhere(tblname string, column string, value (int|string), params string, val ...)
17. Float(val int|string) float
18. HexToBytes(hexdata string) bytes
19. IdToAddress(id int) string
20. Int(val string) int
21. IsGovAccount(wallet int) bool
22. Len(val array) int
23. Money(val string|float|int) money
24. PubToID(hexkey string) int
25. Sha256(val string) string
26. Sprintf(pattern string, val ...) string
27. StateValue(name string) string
28. Str(val int|float) string
29. Table(tblname) string
30. UpdateContract(name string, value string, conditions string)
31. UpdateMenu(name string, value string, conditions string)
32. UpdatePage(name string, value string, menu string, conditions string)
33. UpdateParam(name string, value string, conditions string)

2. The system of smart-contracts interaction was improved:

  • the contract callback function by link was added
  • the system of control of the contracts rights of access to register was debugged

3. The function of data export from table was implemented in the applications building service.

Platform design and interface

  1. The radial dynamic charts were implemented
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