Report of the eGaaS team

Mart 23, 2017 — April 22, 2017
Costs in the period: $12 000

Research and development


The following studies were conducted, and the reports were issued:

  • “The comparative analysis of blockchain platforms for e-Government” (Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Codra, Monax, Ethereum, eGaaS)
  • “Proof of the concept” based on activities licensing.
  • “Digital transformation” — stages and the necessary technical, organizational and legal measures for the transition of a small state to the eGaaS digital platform.


The following articles were written:

Software platform and language of smart contracts

Security and encryption

  • The work with the combined encryption keys has been implemented in order to ensure safe exchange of the keys. The ajax request to generate and encrypt private keys has been added.
  • The encryption function on the browser side has been added.

Functionality added as part of testnet launching

  • An embedded transaction has been added to add an anonymous account.
  • A page with a list of accounts has been added.

Development of template engine language

  • The ImageInput function for loading images and the templates function for the display of lists has been added.
  • The installation of applications has been redesigned. In case of an error, the application can be pre-installed from the time of the error. The restart of the already installed applications is forbidden.

Rights Management System

  • The limit on the number of columns and indexes in the tables has been imposed. The cost of inserting a record depends on the number of indexes.
  • Check access to change for pages and menus has been implemented.
  • The DBInsertReport function was added to record data only for countries on this node. The work with the data from tables with reports has been prohibited.
  • A repository for reading rights has been created. The function of calculating conditions without a transaction (from the interface) has been reworked for it. The definition of the rights to read the table and the ReadTable function, determining the existence of such rights has been added.

Current changes and corrections

  • The first version of the page with the history of receipts and expenditures of any wallet has been created.
  • The download and launch of tpl applications through the browser has been implemented.

Platform design and interface

Reworking the application page

The locking of all links has been added for security from accidental leaving the page during installation of an application.

A visual indication of the installed application has been added:

Registration page in testnet

The state registration page has been created and developed. It has also been adapted for mobile devices. The table with information by units is updated in real time mode.

Current changes and corrections

  • A large number of styles have been added, improved, and fixed.
  • The scripts have been improved and some bugs have been fixed.

Market Review

UN Commission: Blockchain Can Help Struggling Banks in Latin America

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) has stated Blockchain could help improve costs in troubled banking sectors.

In a report released at the end of April, the ECLAC, which is a regional commission of the United Nations, said the technology held particular promise in reducing so-called “de-risking” practices among local banks.

By William Suberg, MAY 02, 2017 /

A UN Agency is Exploring Blockchain’s Impact on Trade

A UN agency dedicated to facilitating international and national trade is putting together a pair of white papers centered on blockchain technology… The organization is developing the two white papers — one focused on technical matters and the other on business cases — as well as a half-day workshop, tentatively scheduled for sometime this autumn.

Stan Higgins | Published on May 3, 2017 at 10:00 BST /

Blockchain payments platform introduced in Dubai

Joint backing from the Smart Dubai Office and Avanza Solutions has resulted in a new payments platform to be rolled out in the city.

By implementing smart contracts through the open-source HyperLedger and public blockchain Ethereum platforms, Cipher has the capability of adapting to both public and permissioned blockchain networks.

John Bensalhia, Tue 18 Apr 2017 3.30pm /

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange: Blockchain is Most Innovative Technology For Digital Transactions

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADSM), a stock exchange in Abu Dhabi with a market cap of $135 bln, considers the Blockchain as the most innovative technology in finance and digital transactions.

In 2008, the government of UAE released the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, a 22-year-long strategy and roadmap for the country’s economic progress. A major component of the agenda drafted and implemented by the UAE government was the development of a sufficient and resilient infrastructure capable of supporting anticipated economic growth.

By Joseph Young, APR 18, 2017 /

Malta’s Government is Developing a National Blockchain Strategy

Malta Today reports that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, during a speech this week, said that Malta’s Cabinet had approved the first draft of a “national strategy to promote blockchain”, though what the particulars of that policy may be remains to be seen. Muscat, the paper said, is planning to release the strategy for public comment in the near future.

Stan Higgins | Published on April 20, 2017 at 15:50 BST /

Mauritius: E-Government Conference Focuses On Implementation of Smac Technologies

The two-day conference organised at the initiative of SIL in collaboration with Oracle and the Government of Mauritius aims at exploring the trends shaped by SMAC technologies around the world and the way Government and citizens would benefit from the adoption of such technologies in the current context. SMAC is the convergence of four technologies namely: social media, mobile computing, analytics and cloud-based computing and is regarded as the next phase of e-Governance.

6 APRIL 2017 /

Governments, NGOs Consider Neocapita’s Blockchain Pilots for E-Governance

E-government startup Neocapita is preparing to launch Stoneblock, its decentralized, blockchain-based registration service for government-managed information and citizen records. The team is currently in talks with several organizations and jurisdictions for pilot programs.

(Neocapita: “Stoneblock is an innovative decentralized platform that solves the most costly component of complex e-government services: the registry.”)

March 31, 2017, 01:59:57 PM EDTBy Diana Ngo, Bitcoin Magazine

Sudan: Minister of Communications — Sudan Gives Concern to Infrastructure to Implement E-Government Project

Khartoum — The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tahani Abdullah Attia has stressed Sudan’s concern with the necessary infrastructure to fulfil the e-government project.

17 April 2017 /

Coalition Launches to Promote Blockchain in the Netherlands

First revealed on 20th March, the so-called National Blockchain Coalition was established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ information technology team.

Overall, the coalition aims to speed up the pace of rollout of blockchain technology within the government and use more government records such as data from the National Office of Identity Data, Chamber of Commerce, and registration records from the Ministry of Security and Justice.

Published on April 12, 2017 at 11:00 BST /